Wednesday, December 10, 2014

About this blog...

My wife, bless her, puts up with me. Not just that, but she sometimes even agrees that I'm right. So, indeed, I am right. My wife said so. Whether she accepts responsibility or not, she's an encouragement for this blog.

So what will I blog about? Important stuff, certainly. (Humph.) To wit:

  • Political rants: mine and others. (I'm a mostly-conservative guy stuck in a blue, blue, blue city. Living here is frustrating, so there will be some letting off of steam.)
  • Technology. (My day job is more technical than most: I've been involved for decades in scientific programming, specifically for solving large systems of differential-algebraic equations related to semiconductor device design.) This affects how I view the daily news, which often seems written by the technically illiterate.
  • Coffee. (Yes, I'm an unrepentant coffee snob.)
  • Photography. (This is a serious hobby with me, which to date has made me not one cent. But it's fun for me.)
  • Social issues. (I'm Christian. So shoot me. Christians have social responsibilities, but probably not what you think. Further, what is done about those responsibilities is probably not what you'd like, either. Frankly, as a nation we've screwed this up and Christians have helped.)

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