Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Blue city blues

I had been collecting information in preparation for writing a post about the destruction of large American cities by way of the election of Democrat officials.

I stopped. Couldn't pick it up again. Too damned depressing. (And I never use the word 'damned', but here it seems quite appropriate.) Too many destroyed cities, too many hopeless people...

Today I saw this, which thankfully saves me from continuing to research the topic. Please take a look, and keep in mind, as the video mentions, that this pattern seems to be repeating itself in every large American city.

There is something fundamentally wrong here: the combination of Democrat politics, public sector unions, and corruption. They go together. California, going bankrupt. Puerto Rico, bankrupt. Detroit, bankrupt. Chicago, not yet bankrupt, but working on it. Washington D.C. All with bad schools, high murder rates, corrupt officials.

If you live in a majority-Democrat large city and are not employed by a public union, you know in your bones what is going on. Just please remember when you vote.

Mentioned in the video is a pamphlet, The New Shame of the Cities. If you're interested in the sordid details for many majority-Democrat cities, it seems Front Page magazine published the text.

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